Tree Seed Training and Extension Resources


bullet2 Integrated resources

This category gives examples of  integrated sets of resources, covering all levels, topics and needs. It is worth looking at these and their related resources, to see how different levels and kinds of users have been catered for.

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Cover page or logo and short title
Topics of resource
Country / region of relevance
Language availability
Electronic version availability


022 Indonesia Forest Seed Project  IFSP
Has a comprehensive, integrated set of resources, including posters, CD, booklets, etc.
Seed handling, plantation
English and Bahasa Indonesia
Some electronic copies

002 Cambodia Tree Seed Project CTSP A wide range of  documents have been produced and are available from the project's website Seed handling, plantation.
English and Cambodian
Some electronic copies

023 Vietnam: Provision of Technical Support to WFP Project
Good example of a planned integrated set of material for plantation establishment.
Plantation, seed handling
English and Vietnamese

078 Nepal Community Forestry, Forest Research, and Tree Seed Projects
Many projects in Nepal have been concerned with seeds, and form an interesting case study of evolution of resources
Plantation, seed handling, improvement
English and Nepali

089 Central America and PROSEFOR documents
A series of seed projects in Central America form a case study of evolution of material (see also Nepal 078)
Plantation, seed handling, improvement.
Central America