Tree Seed Training and Extension Resources

bullet1 Acknowledgements

The author gratefully acknowledges the support and help of the following institutions and people, without whom this publication would not have been possible:

  • The Government of the Netherlands, which provided funding through its FAO-Netherlands Partnership Programme on Biodiversity for the first stage of this study
  • The Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), which provided funding for the second stage of this study.
  • The staff of FAO, FORM and the regional offices, for guidance, suggestions, and examples of resources for this study - especially Pierre Sigaud for getting the whole thing started and providing his professional support and hospitality; Christine Holding Anyonge for extending the idea to agroforestry extension resources; and Edoardo Pantanella for his encouragement and technical advice.  
  • All the staff of DFSC (now part of Forest & Landscape, Denmark - SL-KVL) for their help, advice and encouragement and putting up with my mind-mapping obsession - both in Denmark and abroad. 
  • Colleagues and associates in projects and institutions around the world for their ideas and examples, in particular at ICRAF.
  • The many authors who have worked long and hard to produce the resources that have been reviewed, and without whom the would have been o no resources to review. 
  • Copyright holders for their permission to make available resources for general use (and any I have missed out!).
  • The Commonwealth Science Council, for permission to digitise K.A. Longman's Tropical Tree Manuals.
  • George McBean (UNICEF) for his thoughts, advice, inspiration and suggestions on graphic design in general.
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