Tree Seed Training and Extension Resources


This section gives you a quick annotated entry point to a selection of the best resources reviewed, most of  which are available on the CD version of this site. Go to each category from the links below, or from the site map.

  • The resources have been roughly categorised as follows:
    • Top resources - a list of "must-have" resources for any project concerned with forest seed and extension.
    • Reference - provides a selection of general scientific level reference/training resources.  
    • Technical - this is the biggest category, aimed at technical/extension worker level. Many of the resources have been produced for a wide range of users and topics, so it has been difficult to classify them precisely, and there is overlap.  However, they have been approximately grouped according to following technical topics:
      • Species / selection
      • Procurement / handling
      • Propagation / planting
      • Agroforestry
    • Field - these resources are primarily written for non-technical, often semi-literate users. Some resources in the technical category could be suitable for field use.
    • Integrated - this section gives some examples of  how  extension resources can be integrated with regard to topic and level.
    • Support - includes resources on general extension and allied skills - only a selection have been included.

    NOTE - these are only a selection of the resources described in the site. To browse them all, use  the A-Z summary, the Excel list, or the site map branches listing the resources by Id no.