International Trials of Acacia and Prosopis: Overview of results

bullet1 Burkina Faso
bullet2 Site: Dori

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bullet3 Trial 9: Species and provenance trial of Prosopis sp. and P. chilensis

This trial was made up of twelve provenances of the genus Prosopis. The trial was established with a spacing of 4 x 4 metres in 1988, and was measured at the age of 5 years in 1993. Six of the provenances were of the species P. chilensis and were all from Chile, whereas the species identity of the rest (one from Chile, five from Mexico) is not known.

There were highly significant differences between the provenances in all the analysed variables (survival, height, crown area and number of stems). Basal area was measured in only one block and could not be analysed. A multivariate analysis demonstrated that the provenances from Chile (including the one with unknown species identity) behaved in a similar way, and differently from the group of provenances with origin in Mexico. Provenances from Chile had a very low survival (10-20 %) in comparison to the Mexican provenances (45-70 %). On the other hand they had the largest heights and the smallest number of stems.