International Trials of Acacia and Prosopis: Overview of results

bullet1 Introduction

bullet2 Recommendations for follow-up

The recommendations are of two types:

(1) Further global analysis

The comparison of the trials provided in this overview is only a preliminary one. More rigorous statistical comparisons should be carried out if it is considered that they would be valid and add value. It was not possible to do this in the current overview study.

(2) Further local observations

Although the project that established and evaluated these trials is formally complete, wherever possible it would be useful to continue observations - either by local counterparts, or as part of continued external support. The following questions are considered to be the most important:

  • Do the trials still exist or not? If not, what caused their disappearance - lack of maintainence, deliberate destruction etc? This information can be useful for learning lessons in designing and protection new trials
  • If they do exist, the following observations would be useful.
    • Are species setting seed, and how much?
    • Are there any hydrids forming between provenances - if so, are they showing better or worse growth?
    • Are there any indications of invasiveness of the species. If so, what is being done about it? This is very important, given the potential for agressive weediness of some of the species.
    • Have local farmers been doing their own evaluation, harvesting seed, and using/distributing seed of species/provenances they think are best? If so, what are their conclusions? Although such an activity was not the original intention of the trials, such informal local testing can provide very useful information and add considerable value to the trials.