International Trials of Acacia and Prosopis: Overview of results

bullet1 India
bullet2 Site: Jodhpur

bullet3 Trial 16: Species and provenance trial of Acacia nilotica, A. senegal, A. tortilis and Prosopis cineraria

This trial was made up of 16 provenances of the species Acacia nilotica, A. senegal, A. tortilis and Prosopis cineraria. The trial was established with a spacing of 3 x 3 metres in 1984 and assessed after 7 years in 1991, and different growth parameters were measured and subjected to analyses of variance and multivariate analyses.

The fastest growing provenances of A. tortilis had increment rates of 0.3 m2 ha-1 y-1, corresponding to a dry weight production of up to 1.0 t ha-1 y-1. Growth was slower for A. nilotica and A. senegal. For A. nilotica this was primarily due to a low survival. The provenances of P. cineraria had a very poor survival even though the species is native to the area.

All species were represented by more than one provenance. Within A. nilotica and A. tortilis there were large and significant differences between the provenances, while the two provenances of A. senegal could not be separated statistically. Due to the low survival, no tests were made of P. cineraria.