International Trials of Acacia and Prosopis: Overview of results

bullet1 Burkina Faso
bullet2 Site: Gonsť

bullet3 Trial 11: Provenance trial of Acacia nilotica and A. tortilis

This trial was made up of 16 provenances of Acacia nilotica and 5 provenances of A. tortilis, established with a spacing of 4 x 4 metres in 1989 . The assessment took place after 4 years in 1993 and included a number of vegetative and growth characters. The provenances of A. nilotica represented a selection from Burkina Faso, Senegal, Sudan and India, whereas the provenances of A. tortilis were from Burkina Faso and Sudan.

Differences between the provenances were highly significant. For A. nilotica, the provenances from Burkina Faso and Senegal had by far the best performance, and the growth of provenances from India was very poor. The provenances from Burkina Faso and Senegal were also clearly separated from the rest of the provenances in the multivariate analysis, but whether this is due to differences between varieties or due to the geographical origin is not clear. The best provenances had a growth rate corresponding to 1.1 t ha-1 y-1. Growth in A. tortilis was somewhat slower, and in the univariate analyses no difference could be found between the provenances. In the multivariate analysis, however, it appeared that the provenance from Burkina Faso was different from the provenances from Sudan.