International Trials of Acacia and Prosopis: Overview of results

bullet1 Pakistan
bullet2 Site: Dagar Kotli

bullet3 Trial 23: Provenance trial of Prosopis cineraria and P. chilensis

This report describes results from a trial with 12 provenances of Prosopis cineraria from India, Pakistan and Yemen (3, 8 and 1 provenances respectively) and one provenance of P. chilensis from Chile. The trial was established in 1984 with a spacing of 3x3 metres, and assessed after eight years in 1992. Different growth parameters were measured and subjected to analyses of variance and multivariate analyses.

Survival of the different provenances was variable, and there were significant provenance differences in survival, height, crown area, number of stems, basal area of the mean tree and dry weight of the mean tree. When basal area and dry weight were analysed on a per-ha basis, differences were only at the limit of significance or not significant. Both Pakistan and Indian provenances were quite variable, and there were no signs of general differences between the two groups of provenances. The fastest growing provenance had a basal area increment rate of 1.3 m2 ha-1 y-1, corresponding to a dry weight production of approximately 3.5 t ha-1 y-1.