International Trials of Acacia and Prosopis: Overview of results

bullet1 Sudan
bullet2 Site: Khor Donia

bullet3 Trial 26: Provenance trial of Acacia tortilis, A. albida, A. seyal and Prosopis chilensis

This trial was made up of five provenances of Acacia tortilis and one provenance of each of the species A. albida, A. seyal and Prosopis chilensis. The trial was established in 1984 at a spacing of 3 x 3 metres, and the assessment took place after 10 years in 1994, and included a number of vegetative and growth characters. Provenances are represented from Israel, Senegal and Sudan.

On the average, survival in the trial was low. The provenance of A. albida and provenance of A. tortilis had no surviving plants, and the rest of the provenances had survival ranging from 50 to 85 %. The differences between the rest of the provenances were less conspicuous and only on the limit of statistical significance. A multivariate test did not detect any differences between these provenances. When the provenances of A. tortilis were considered alone, no signs of statistical differences were found.

In terms of total basal area, the three best provenances were the provenances of A. seyal and P. chilensis together with a provenance of A. tortilis from Senegal. This provenance of A. tortilis had a production of biomass corresponding to 1.5 t ha-1 y-1.