International Trials of Acacia and Prosopis: Overview of results

bullet1 Burkina Faso
bullet2 Site: Dori

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bullet3 Trial 8: Provenance trial of Acacia senegal

This trial was made up of seven provenances of Acacia senegal, established with a spacing of 4 x 4 metres in 1988, and assessed after 5 years in 1988. Two provenances were from Burkina Faso, four from Senegal and one from Sudan. Vegetative characters of the trial were assessed at an age of five years.  

The provenances did not differ significantly in height, but there were significant differences in crown area and in the number of stems. The differences in survival, basal area and estimated dry weight were marginally significant. In a multivariate analysis the differences were also significant, but no clear patterns of geographical variation could be observed. The estimated production of dry weight of the fastest growing provenances was approximately 3 t ha-1, corresponding to 0.6 t ha-1 year-1.