Pinus kesiya International Provenance Trials: Overview

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The full reports and the summaries shown here have been prepared by

Vietnam: Christian Pilegaard Hansen, DFSC; Phi Quang Dien and Hua Ving Tung, RCFTI

Zimbabwe: Christian Pilegaard Hansen, DFSC; Isaac Nyoka and Caleb H. Mhongwe, FRC

South Africa: Christian Pilegaard Hansen and Dorthe Joeker, DFSC; Milton, Sappi Forest Research

Swaziland: Christian Pilegaard Hansen and Dorthe Joeker, DFSC; Milton, Usutu Pulp

Indonesia: Christian Pilegaard Hansen and Anders Raebild, DFSC; Thomas Saragih, RGMI Forestry, R&D

Colombia: Smurfit Carton de Colombia has provided the dataset for the analysis shown on these pages. The statistical analysis has been prepared by Christian Pilegaard Hansen, DFSC

Useful comments and assistance in the statistical analysis and interpretation of results have been received from Anders Rębild, Erik D. Kjaer and Lars Graudal, DFSC.

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