Pinus kesiya International Provenance Trials: Overview

bullet1 South Africa

bullet2 Conclusion and recommendations

The trial is only 7 years of age, and it may thus be premature to draw very specific and detailed conclusions based on the present assessment. It is thus recommended that the trial is maintained, and re-assessed later on.

Based on the results of the present assessment, the Vietnamese and Madagascar sources are the most promising. They are fast-growing and they have relatively good quality characteristics. Best seedlots are Morarano of Madagascar and Xuan Tho, Thac Prenn and Hothien of Vietnam. There are only small differences among the Vietnamese sources, which all originate from a relatively restricted area in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

The Vietnamese sources are generally recommended compared to Philippine sources because the trial results indicate a slightly higher production, and better wood quality characteristics of the Vietnamese sources.

A good source for immediate seed supply is the Zambia CSO source. It is growing well, and has a good stemform. The performance of the other tested seed orchard offspring, John Meikle CSO of Zimbabwe can not be judged from the present trial, as the tested seedlot is not representative of the orchard.

Other sources compare less favourable. This is especially true for the sources of P. yunnanensis, which have a very disappointing performance. The same holds for the Burmese sources of P. kesiya. The Thai and Chinese sources are generally of intermediate value, i.e. better than the P. yunnanensis but poorer than Vietnam, Madagascar and Philippine sources.