Pinus kesiya International Provenance Trials: Overview

bullet1 Colombia

bullet2 Conclusion and recommendations

The conclusions are based mainly on growth characteristics as adaptability is only represented with foxtail frequency and wood quality traits have not been assessed.

The P. kesiya sources have at both trial sites slower growth than the P. tecunumanii and P. maximinoi controls.

The best performing P. kesiya source is the South African control (Granada only). The precise origin of this source is not known. Among the best P. kesiya sources are also the John Meikle and Zambia CSO sources. The Vietnamese, Thai, Philippines and Madagascar sources are intermediate. The Burmese and Chinese sources show the poorest growth.

The high frequency of foxtails experienced in the trials is a serious constraint, as it has negative influence on the wood quality. Paired with the generally slower growth of the P. kesiya sources as compared to the controls, P. kesiya does not seem to have a great potential at sites similar to the test sites.