Pinus kesiya International Provenance Trials: Overview

bullet2 History of the trial

Details of the trials sites and trial design can be found in the full report for Zimbabwe (download now)

P. kesiya was first introduced into Zimbabwe probably from the Philippines in 1935 (Mullin et al. 1984). A first provenance trial was established in 1968 at John Meikle Forest Research Station with four seedlots of Philippine, Vietnam, Assam and Burma origin (Mullin et al. 1984). In 1970/71 this was followed by trials at nine sites with seed lots of Philippine origin. These trials are part of the first international series of trials. In the early 80’s a third series of trials were established at four sites with provenances from Thailand plus four local controls. Analysis results of the earlier trials are summarized by Mullin et al. (1984).