Pinus kesiya International Provenance Trials: Overview

bullet1 Introduction

bullet2 Notes on the evaluations

The individual trial evaluations are presented by country.
The following information has been extracted from the assessment reports.

  • A map indicating the approximate location of the trials.
  • Details of national collaborators.
  • Any historical details of the trial (earlier assessments).
  • The table of provenances (master list already provided in this section).
  • The graphical presentation of the results showing for each trait, as bar charts:-
    (1) the values as least square means with 95% confidence limits (as a line) of each characteristic/trait analysed, and
    (2) the expected gain as a percentage deviation from the mean, calculated from the best linear un-biased predictors (BLUPs).
    These can be scrolled down (or across) to compare results. Details of the statistical methodology can be found in the main reports
    Note: (a) the confidence limits were not graphed  for some of the expected gains histograms,
            (b) the origin (zero) for some of the measurements is not provided, therefore the actual differences between provenances will be visually exaggerated
  • The full discussion and conclusions from the reports.
    Note: the comments regarding age/period are relative to the time of field assessment.

Full details of references cited in the text are provided in the section   further information

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