Forest & Landscape Denmark is continuing this particular discipline under the name of Development and Environment. In the future our activities will be taking place in Eastern Europe as well as in developing countries which are priority countries for DANIDA.

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Current Research and Development within Seed Procurement

Current Research and Development within Tree Improvement and Gene Resource Conservation

In situ Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources

Current Research and Development within Institutional Development

Improvement and Conservation of Teak

In situ Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources

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  • A study on the development of practical guidelines for the establishment and management of national in situ genetic resource conservation stands of forest tree species and provenances was initiated in 1996. The study is being undertaken in collaboration between countries concerned, FAO and DFSC.

    The overall objective of the programme is to provide practical advice and to assist countries in the planning and execution of in situ conservation programmes of forest tree species. Awareness of the importance of conservation at the ecosystem, species and within-species levels has been steadily increasing over the past decades. A number of activities have been initiated furthering conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources. Practical experiences, however, have been insufficiently documented, and 'lessons learned' from them have not been sufficiently analysed and only seldom applied on a larger scale. The evaluation of a number of representative in situ stands of selected case species should contribute to the elaboration of the practical guidelines mentioned above.

    Pilot inspections of in situ conservation areas in several countries have been undertaken.

    The study so far has resulted in the following publications.

    Planning national programmes for conservation of forest genetic resources by Lars Graudal, Erik Kjaer, Agnete Thomsen and Allan Breum Larsen. December 1997. DFSC Technical Note No. 48
    Conservation of genetic resources of teak (Tectona grandis) in Thailand by Lars Graudal, Erik Kjaer, Verapong Suangtho, Prasit Saardavut and Apichart Kaosa-ard.February 1999. DFSC Technical Note No. 52
    Conservation of genetic resources of Pinus merkusii in Thailand editied by Ida Theilade, Lars Graudal, Erik Kjaer and Søren Hald. October 2000. DFSC Technical Note No. 58
    Forest Genetic Resources conservation and management: In managed natural forests and protected areas (in situ). FAO, DFSC, IPGRI 2001.
    Conservation Plan for Genetic Resources of Zambezi teak (Baikiaea plurijuga) in Zambia edited by Ida Theilade, P.M. Sekeli,Søren Hald and Lars Graudal. January 2002. DFSC Case Study No.2
    People's Participation and the Role of Governments in Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources.April 2002. DFSC Guidelines & Technical Notes No.62

Current Research and Development within Institutional Development

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  • A study has been initiated with the purpose of increasing the immediate impact of tree-seed programmes on the situation of poor farmers, and of ensuring sustainability of the activities of such programmes by learning from experience by the National Tree Seed Programme in Tanzania, the Tree Improvement and Silviculture Component of the Natural Resource Management Sector Assistance Programme in Nepal and from other programmes.