Training course in the country/region of the trainees covers the majority of the training provided by DFSC. A staff member from DFSC will normally provide the training but external consultants can be hired. DFSC can provide the following training courses:
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  • Seed sources: Identification, establishment and management
  • Seed biology
  • Seed collection
  • Seed processing and storage
  • Seed testing
  • Tree improvement
  • Species and provenance trials
  • Conservation of forest genetic resources
Training course in Denmark
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  • Only one course has been available in Denmark "Management of a tree seed centre" which is for the management staff of a tree seed centre. Most countries will have only one tree seed centre and consequently very few staff members in the management group. Instead of sending an instructor to many countries, teaching a few people each time, it was decided to bring the managenent staff from several countries to Denmark. The five-week course is held every two years in July/August and the next course will be in 2004.

On-the-job training
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  • On-the-job training can be provided in both Denmark or in the country of the trainee(s). On-the-job training in Denmark can be within a broad range of subjects because DFSC is able to make arrangmements with other institutions. On-the-job training can range from writing scientific papers to technical work such as seed collection, seed processing and seed testing.

  • On-the-job training in the country of the trainee(s) can involve all aspects of work at a tree seed centre. The subjects range from establishment of seed sources, over seed procurement to tree improvement and conservation of forest genetic resources.